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Aquanauts is an underwater research and engine building game for 2-4 players. Send your aquanauts out to gather algae, build new facilities, and load up the submarine with newly-discovered samples. Specialise in researching different species or constructing impressive research stations to earn more kudos through public objectives, whilst keeping an eye on your opponents’ progress. Working together in adjacent research facilities can earn you additional resources, 

but ultimately only one person can become the most accomplished aquanaut.

See below for an overview of how you can #discoverthedeep in Aquanauts. Keep your eyes peeled for an update during the campaign where we'll release the pdf rulebook to read through as well as a tabletopia and print 'n' play version of the game to try out!

Aquanauts Contains

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Quadfold Main Board
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 1 Submersible Board
  • 1 Research Vessel Board
  • 16 Research Cards
  • 8 Objective Cards
  • 26 Building Tiles
  • 20 Wooden Player Pieces
  • 186 Wooden Resource Tokens
  • 1 First Player Marker

All Core Games will be available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish as fully printed items. Upgrades and other items that do not contain language dependent components will only be printed in English unless otherwise stated.

Click this link to read Iain's thoughts on Aquanauts on his blog after his playthrough with designer Michael at Dragonmeet Dec 2018!

Click this link to read Iain's thoughts on Aquanauts on his blog after his playthrough with designer Michael at Dragonmeet Dec 2018!

Aquanauts will be fully printed in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Polish. Upgrades may only be available in English (as these do not contain language-dependent components).

Printed Languages

English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Polish

Local game stores, board game cafes, organised play venues and other retailers and businesses form the backbone of our community, providing a space for all us gamers to play, discover new stuff, meet other gamers and more.

ITB owes a lot of its success to the wonderful people in stores across the UK, convention organisers and others that have supported us, and we want to make sure that they can be a part of this campaign too!

Retailers that take part on the campaign, just like individual backers, are taking a chance on us and what we're trying to do - and for that we're really grateful.

Below you will find the beautiful faces of the incredible team behind this project!

Marco returns as project illustrator and graphic designer, Rose infiltrates yet another development project and this project introduces a new character, Michael!

Also featuring Linda & Kaysi, our newest recruits!

A massive thank you to Rose, who's tirelessly tested and researched the game, Marco and Michael for fiercely creative work, and to Lawrence and Jon for their excellent video work!

Available Rewards:

£44GBP + Shipping

Amateur Diver

A Kickstarter edition of the Aquanauts core game with all stretch goals and exclusives.


  • Aquanauts Core Game
£72GBP + Shipping


A Kickstarter edition copy of Aquanauts with all stretch goals and exclusives, as well as a full set of miniature buildings, aquanauts and robot workers to upgrade your games!


  • Aquanauts Core Game
  • Aquanauts Deluxe Miniatures Set
£111GBP + Shipping


Kickstarter edition of Aquanauts with all stretch goals and exclusives, the deluxe miniatures for your buildings and workers, as well as the Kickstarter exclusive deluxe submersible.


  • Aquanauts Core Game
  • Aquanauts Deluxe Miniatures Set
  • Deluxe Submersible

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