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Check out the How to Play Video below, hosted by notorious dissident Rose Atkinson, which outlines the game setting, objectives gameplay and strategies for attempting to subvert or uphold the domination of the ever-present Moderators!

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 Retailer Pledges

Are you a retailer and want more than just a case of 6 copies of NewSpeak? Distributor wanting in on the first printing? Please let us know your details and your requirements in terms of order quantity using this link.

Navigate the precarious world of social ratings in this modular expansion for NewSpeak, bringing Dissident Player ratings and Location ratings to the game to add another element to the code-breaking challenge. Don’t forget - keep your rating high!

 Check out the video review playlist below to see what people have to say about NewSpeak!


Also from, Quinns: Now this is a Kickstarter I would back. I love Decrypto, but it’s an accessible, formalised party game, whereas Newspeak is a wild, thematic labour of love. I wanted it before I saw all of the expansion modules teased in the Kickstarter. Now, I crave it.

 (Eric's full written review can be found here)

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Available Rewards:

£25GBP + Shipping


Upgrade your NewSpeak experience with additional expansions and stretch goal content. The Deluxe Edition comes with the 'Rated' expansion as standard.

This level includes all production finish AND more content stretch goals

See campaign page for more info on what gameplay content is included in your Deluxe Edition of NewSpeak.


  • NewSpeak Deluxe Edition
  • Kickstarter Promo Cards Pack
£18GBP + Shipping


Get the core NewSpeak game!

This level includes applicable production finish stretch goals only.


  • NewSpeak Retail Edition
  • Kickstarter Promo Cards Pack
£34GBP + Shipping


Get Everything!


  • NewSpeak Deluxe Edition
  • Kickstarter Promo Cards Pack
  • NewSpeak Playmat
£120GBP + Shipping


Get a full case of 6 NewSpeak Deluxe Edition for your friendly local game store or game group.


  • 6 x NewSpeak Deluxe Edition
  • 6 x Kickstarter Promo Cards Pack

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